Kuwait Trade Mission

Kuwait Water Towers

New Date: October 2019 (TBC) 
Sector: Multi-sector
Mission Sponsor: Pathfinder Trade and Invest
In Conjunction with:  

Following on from the success of our September 2017 Trade Mission to Kuwait (please click here to read a summary), Pathfinder Trade and Invest will be organising a trade mission to Kuwait. The trade mission programme will be arranged by AEON Gulf who will ensure a programme that is high in quality and value for money. 

About the Mission:

  • This mission will be led by Michael Thomas, Chairman of Pathfinder Trade and Invest who, having started his Middle East Career in the mid-70's, has excellent connections to assist you in-market.

Who is this Mission for?

  • This mission is multi-sector and open to all.
  • New and experienced exporters are encouraged to join.

Benefits of the Mission

The programme will include the following: 

  • Political and Economic Market Briefing
  • Two bespoke 1-to-1 Meetings
  • Networking Session at the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce
  • 3-4 Sector Focussed Group Meetings
  • Visit the new Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, a museum district within Kuwait City
  • An optional travel package

Key Dates:

  • Mission Application Deadline: TBC

Market Information

The government is strongly committed to Kuwait Vision 2035 which seeks to transform Kuwait into a financial, cultural and trade leader. To achieve its aim, the government plans to invest in infrastructure, housing, power and water, as well as the oil sector. The government plan to use PPP’s as a vehicle to drive this growth opening the door to foreign involvement.

Kuwait is also one of the Middle East's emerging healthcare markets, with the government having awarded US$11 billion in new healthcare infrastructure and healthcare projects. The demand for new hospitals, medical tourism and medical staff will grow as this sector develops.

As the fourth richest country in the world per capita, Kuwaiti’s enjoy a high quality of life and have a young and well-educated population who are keen to consume the latest foreign products and technology. The improvements in infrastructure and the absence of taxes gives Kuwait an appeal that is unique in the Middle East.