Beijing - Shanghai, China Trade Mission

 Beijing Cityscape

Date: Beijing - 2nd to 7th March  
Shanghai - 5th to 9th March
Sector: Beijing - Multi-sector 
Shanghai - Creative Industries, Marketing, Fin-tech, Accelerators/Incubator Sectors
Mission Sponsor: Pathfinder Trade and Invest
In Conjunction with:

Pathfinder Trade and Invest are delighted to invite you on our trade mission to Beijing and Shanghai to explore the business opportunities available in two of China's most modern cities. This mission is designed to give you an insight into the differing business landscapes China has to offer in a broad range of sectors in both goods and services.  

Pathfinder Trade and Invest will be working alongside CRCC Asia, an emerging UK company who have been actively building business relationships throughout China in UK relevant sectors for over 10 years. Having already established a strong reputation throughout China, together with its extensive contacts in both the public (Chinese government, the British Embassy, British Consulates, Chamber's of Commerce) and private sector, CRCC Asia are well-positioned to arrange a programme to best meet your business needs and objectives.

About the Mission:

  • The mission will give delegates the flexibility to explore business opportunities in either/or both cities and will be assisted and guided by CRCC Asia's experts on the ground.

Who is this Mission for?

  • This Mission to Beijing is open to businesses in all sectors whereas the Mission to Shanghai is open to companies in Creative Industries, Marketing, Fin-tech, Accelerators/Incubator sectors.
  • Mission participants must be British exporters of goods and services. They may be a UK registered subsidiary of a foreign company, providing they are actively contributing to the British economy.

Benefits of the Mission

  • You will receive in-depth insight into the Chinese market through an economic and political briefing outlining and explaining the risks and opportunities involved.
  • Two one-to-one meetings with companies relevant to your business objectives applicable to both Beijing and Shanghai. 
  • B2B networking event applicable to both Beijing and Shanghai
  • You will be provided with an invitation letter enabling you to process your visa required to enter China and you can take advantage of either the optional negotiated travel package or one allowing you to make your own arrangements.
  • You will have the opportunity to arrange your own meetings outside of the mission programme.

Key Dates

  • Mission Application Deadline: 24th January 2019
  • Early Bird Discount: 30th November 2018

Market Information


In 2017, with a population of 21.7 million and an unemployment rate of 1.5%, Beijing’s economy (US$437.6 billion) grew 6.7% from the previous year driven by its financial sector (17% of GDP) and its Cultural and Creative industry (14% of GDP). Consumer spending on services which accounts for 80% of GDP accounted for more than half of the total consumer spending.

The Beijing government has invested heavily in developing a modern service sector by building its own ‘Silicon Valley’ – Zhongguancun Science Park and four major Cultural and Creative clusters around Beijing of which 21 of the 30 cultural parks have been completed.

The Beijing government also recently announced the launch of the Beijing Fintech Demonstration Zone which hopes to bridge Zhongguancun and its financial district to fully utilise its financial and technological advantages to innovate and develop further its financial and professional services.’


In 2017, with a population of 24.2 million, Shanghai's economy grew (US$475 billion) by 6.9% from the previous year driven by its financial sector (17% of GDP) and its Cultural and Creative industry (12% of GDP). The Cultural and Creative Industry is set to increase to 15% of GDP by 2023 and is classed as a priority sector by the government. 70% of Shanghai's GDP was attributed to the service sector.

What is also noteworthy is earlier this year, a creative industries trade mission from Canada to Beijing and Shanghai attracted close to 60 companies resulting in deals worth US$125 million highlighting the enormous potential these two cities have to offer in this sector.