Exploration Trade Mission to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Governor’s Palace view of the courtyard

Date: 14th to 18th April 2018
Sector:  Multi-Sector
Mission Sponsor: Pathfinder Trade and Invest
In Conjunction with: AEI Saudi

Pathfinder Trade & Invest are delighted to offer you the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia on this Exploration Trade Mission in April 2018.  This Mission is open to all sectors and gives you, the delegate, the chance to choose from a menu of services to ensure that you receive the most benefit from your participation.

About the Mission:

  • This Mission will be led by David Lloyd OBE, a renowned Saudi Arabia expert. As a former member of HM Diplomatic Service, David spent 5 years living and working in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and maintains a wide range of business and political contacts across the Kingdom.
  • Whilst this Mission is based in Riyadh, David Lloyd will be travelling onward to both the Eastern Province (Al Khobar) and Jeddah. Mission delegates are welcome to join him, however, they will be required to make their own meeting arrangements as no official programme will be organised in these two additional cities.
  • The closing date for this Mission is Friday 9th March 2018.

Who is this Mission for?

  • This Mission is multi-sector and open to all
  • New and experienced exporters are encouraged to join
  • Mission participants must be British exporters of goods or services. They may be a UK registered subsidiary of a foreign company, providing they are actively contributing to the British economy.

Benefits of the Mission:

  • Day one of the programme will feature:
    • A welcome event
    • A 'Business Fundamentals' briefing
    • A networking dinner
  • To ensure that participating delegates get the most from their participation, we are delighted to offer the following two additional menu options:
    1. A warmed contact list of 6 contacts for you to make your own approaches and arrange meetings.
    2. Research for 3 partner companies with firm meetings arranged. This research will include engaging with, and pre-qualifying, each potential Saudi partner company to ensure that they are relevant to the requirements of the mission delegate and, more importantly, are interested in the delegate’s product or service.
  • You can take advantage of an optional negotiated travel package, or make your own arrangements and meet the main delegation in Riyadh.

Market Information:

  • With the recent political, economic and social reforms spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, the Kingdom is aggressively transforming its economy towards a post-oil era.
  • Facebook, Tesla and Virgin, to name just three, have also been making headlines in their growing market presence in the Kingdom which is another result of the current reforms taking place.
  • Other sectors that are currently showing huge potential are tourism, auto, mining, chemical, plastics and aluminium.
  • This year, the IMF project the Saudi economy to grow 1.1% in 2018 from 0.1% growth in 2017 and, according to Standard & Poor’s, they state that ‘structural reforms could empower Saudi citizens and make Saudi Arabia more attractive to investors over the medium term, as the authorities intend.' S&P’s outlook for Saudi Arabia is stable and currently has an A-2 rating.