Export Advice

Let’s imagine you are a UK SME who are successfully established in the UK market and are looking to do business overseas to further grow and increase your profits.

Where would you start?

plane at boarding gateBest case scenario, you do a few google searches, make a few phone calls and write a few emails. The responses are all favourable so you contact potential business partners overseas through phone and email. The business partners are keen to meet and discuss your ideas so you arrange to fly out to meet them. You’ve not been to this country before so you do your research online before setting off. You meet your business partners and, through an interpreter, discuss a possible partnership. You then arrange a meeting with a lawyer and a bank to ensure that the business runs smoothly.

The question is, how long do you think this would take you and what are the odds that you’ll end up with a ‘best case scenario’? 

At Pathfinder Trade and Invest, we not only offer you the ‘best case scenario’ but we will assist you with all of the above, spending just 3 days overseas!

Our job is to provide a customised service that prepares your travel, provides you with all the necessary background information, connects you with all the relevant people and arranges all your meetings. In addition, we also provide you with a ‘mission leader’ who will provide you with additional guidance, enabling us to maximise your success rate when doing business overseas.  

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