Open Workshop: Reaping the Benefits of Diversity

Venue: Farnham Castle, Surrey, GU9 0AG 
Thursday, 28th March 2019
Time: 10:00 - 16:00 (GMT)
Organised By: Farnham Castle Intercultural Training

Why Attend?

Discover the value that lies behind cultural difference!

Business is more global than ever - we are buying from overseas suppliers, selling to international clients, and working alongside teammates from around the world. We are therefore encountering different world views, business practices and communication styles on a daily basis.

Research has shown time and again that the companies actively embracing and working with this diversity, tend to prosper. They create new opportunities, encourage innovation, and use divergent opinions to break 'group-think'.

How do we move from seeing difference as a barrier to business that must be overcome, to seeing it as a positive business asset?

This workshop will look at alternative approaches to managing and even transforming difference.

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