Travel and Tourism 2020

Location: London
Date: 12th February 2020
Time: Registration starts at 08:45
Organised by: The Arab British Chamber of Commerce



The Arab British Chamber of Commerce will be hosting this unique event to discuss and explore Travel and Tourism in the Arab World.

Throughout the Arab World, Travel and Tourism (T&T) prioritisation is an increasingly important component of national strategies for economic growth, diversification and development.

Trends in the global economy are redefining tourism and opening up new markets and opportunities for international business and leisure-seekers to exploit. A more demand-led T&T has seen the emergence of new forms of tourism such as eco-tourism, health-tourism and digital tourism. Shifts in consumer tastes mean that the traditional hotel and hospitality industries must compete with new boutique and platform services such as Airbnb.

The event will discuss opportunities for bilateral UK-Arab investment and cooperation in the T&T sector, to explore trends in the broader T&T industry, to uncover new opportunities, and to promote the development of Arab markets as leading (air)ports of call for the world’s increasingly mobile business travellers and leisure-seekers.

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