Exploring Chile – Your Next Market?

Located in South America, occupying a long, narrow strip of land, Chile is one of the most stable and prosperous nations in the region. With the Chilean Peso (CLP) as the national currency, Chile leads Latin American nations in Human development, Income Per Capita, Globalisation and Economic Freedom.

With their commitment to democracy, Human Rights, developing open markets and international co-operation, it is no surprise that the total trade between this country and the UK was £2.2 Billion in 2018, an increase of 32.8% compared to 2017.

A member of OECD and The Pacific Alliance, Chile is the UK’s third biggest trading partner in Latin America and opportunities for UK businesses include Mining and Infrastructure.

The main UK exports to Chile include crude oil, industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals, cars and beverages.

The UK and Chile signed a new trade continuity agreement in January 2019, which will take effect if the UK leave the EU with no deal.

There are many reasons why Chile presents an exciting opportunity for your business. To discover how to expand your business with expert advice and guidance in 2020, speak to our team today!

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