Access now available to the UK’s Trade and Investment Data

For the first time the Department of International Trade (DIT) has brought together statistics from the Office for National Statistics, HM Revenue & Customs, as well as other international organisations in order to provide a consolidated picture of the level of trade and investment between the UK and more than 222 international partner countries.

These new factsheets, made accessible to all at Trade and Investment Factsheets bring together key data and include provide statistics between the UK and its partners on: 

  • Exports, imports, and total trade
  • Trade by commodity and service type
  • Regional trade in the UK for goods
  • UK market share for trading partners
  • VAT-registered businesses trading goods
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • ‘Ease of doing business’ rankings
  • Summary trade and investment data as reported by each partner
  • Economic data and projections

All the figures in the factsheets are the most up to date, as at time of publication. The sources are clearly stated and there is an update schedule for future releases. DIT strongly recommends that users download the latest factsheet to ensure the most up-to-date statistics are used as some statistics are revised on a regular basis.