A New Year Message from our Chairman

Greetings and I wish you all the very best and good going for 2021, Please rest assured our plans for continuing to support UK Businesses in driving UK export led growth post Brexit with our Pathfinder Trade Delegations and City conferences are well in hand for later this year.


Our key focus for 2021 will be:

1) To continue to develop markets of the Middle East where we have excellent long-term connections

2) To support UK Government where Liz Truss the U.K. Minister for Trade has negotiated new Trade deals.

3) To develop markets where we have already had a good impact and have excellent relations for trade such as Mongolia where a mission, organised in association with the Mongolian British Chamber of Commerce, is provisionally scheduled for this Autumn.  


In the meantime, I am pleased to tell you that, I am planning for later this year two major events the first will be a major Conference in the City of London for “International Women in Global Business” at which men will be very welcome! And the second event will be Arabia 2021 which will be our 17th event in the series to engage with and promote Saudi Arabia, a country which I have always regarded as the engine house of the Middle East.

Of course, all will be dependent on COVID, the vaccination programme both in the UK and in overseas markets and any official government guidelines at that time.

As part of the CT Travel Group, we can offer bespoke comprehensive business travel management solutions, with a very high standard of service delivered by our team of corporate travel experts and Account Managers, and in spite of the current pandemic we are open for business and ready to help with your future travel plans. 

During these uncertain times and with the everchanging rules surrounding Covid-19 and Brexit, it has never been more important to speak to a travel expert. Our teams can provide you with up-to-date advice and support you in navigating the different regulations and guidelines.

With my very best wishes for a safe, healthy, and profitable 2021.


Michael Thomas
Chairman – Pathfinder Trade and Invest