About Pathfinder Trade and Invest

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We take a fresh approach to promote business between the UK and overseas markets and to assist UK PLC to succeed. Pathfinder Trade and Invest are part of CT Travel Group Ltd, a privately-owned company with a turnover in excess of £30 million, which has achieved high levels of success and respect since it was founded 30 years ago.

CT Travel Group Founder and CEO, Mark Kempster, is an astute businessman and entrepreneur whose ethos sits around the principal of PDP (Pre, During and Post), thereby ensuring that you receive help at every stage of the export process.

We are well connected both in the UK and in overseas markets and if you want to succeed then speak to us.


Our Story

Pathfinder Trade and Invest was initially set up in 2011 to promote and facilitate trade and investment with global growth markets by way of overseas Trade Missions and UK Conferences, summits and briefings and was acquired by CT Travel Group in August 2017.

In the past, Pathfinder Trade and Invest focused its trade missions in the Middle East. With the expertise and experience of its founder, Michael Thomas, and the assistance of CT Trade Missions (another member of the CT Travel Group family), we know how to run a successful trade mission and, as a result, we are utilising our expertise to explore new and established markets abroad.

Under the tenure of Michael Thomas, the traditional business climate was very different from today; the Middle East with oil and gas were key, now this forms a much smaller part of the jigsaw and, with a shift in the world economy, the largest companies in the world are now in the technology sector.

Pathfinder Trade and Invest sees a vision of change ahead and embraces this wholeheartedly, along with the opportunities Brexit will bring.

We now offer a worldwide trade mission programme, visiting both new and established markets and covering a multitude of sectors. Please check our calendar regularly for new event and trade mission launches. We will also be organising events and conferences relevant to the current business climate, examining the opportunities and challenges these markets present.

We have a group of experts on hand to advise you on doing business overseas, the majority of whom have first-hand knowledge of these markets.
Traditionally, one of the tasks all governments assign their diplomats is to search for promising business leads and trade opportunities. Once identified, they are then tasked with organising a trade mission with the objective of aiding home-country businesses to enter and ultimately profit from these leads and opportunities.

Recently, due to increased budget cuts, diplomats no longer have access to all resources needed to perform this role effectively. In the UK, not only is this limiting the influence of the Foreign Office but Brexit too has been responsible for diverting much of the UK government’s resources, focus and attention. Consequently, widening gaps in the UK’s presence in foreign markets are now appearing which, if left alone, will be filled by other foreign governments.

Our aim, simply, is to help the UK government and exporters to minimise the impact of these gaps, as well as identify new opportunities and create links to new markets to promote and increase UK trade.