Invitation to Join Official Pathfinder Qatar Education and Training Trade Delegation October 22 -25

I am delighted to announce, and invite interested parties to join, the Third Pathfinder Qatar Education and Training trade delegation, and to advise you that this year leading our education and training trade mission will be Mathew Anderson Managing Director of TVET UK, who many of you will know, and who has done so much to assist Educational associated organisations in developing their businesses worldwide.

There is clearly great scope in Qatar for UK business in the field of Education, Training, and Education Supplies to further develop their businesses, which now is a real leader in the Middle East in this fast developing and important sector, as Professor Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al- Thani put it:

“There is no way forward without putting education as a priority”.

Qatar is becoming one of the most significant players in the field of education innovation in the Middle East, supporting a raft of projects from grassroots basic literacy through to high-end university research.

At the centre of many of Qatar’s education initiatives is Professor Sheikh Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, a member of Qatar’s ruling family and a former university professor, Sheikh Abdulla’s aims are ambitious and exciting. Speaking in London he set out Qatar’s strategic thinking – When the oil runs out, Qatar wants to be left with a viable, advanced economy. To achieve this, Qatar’s spending on Education is on an epic scale. Building universities, reforming the school system, improving vocational training and setting up an international forum for finding the most effective forms of innovation to assist not only Qatar but the wider Middle East.

This unique Pathfinder trade mission led by Mathew Anderson of TVET will be limited to fifteen delegates and bookings will be made on a fist come basis, a full programme is being developed in cooperation with the British Chamber of Commerce Qatar (a FCO supported initiative) and with the cooperation and support of our British Embassy in Doha.

The mission is planned to take place in October 22 – 25 and an Early bird discount of £200.00 is available now. For full details please contact Pathfinder Mission Managers here: Pathfinder Education Sector Qatar Trade Mission

With very best wishes

Michael Thomas
Executive Chairman and CEO