Pathfinder TTIP/MENA Business Initiative

TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, are current free trade negotiations (the biggest “bilateral trade deal in history” to quote Prime Minister Cameron) that are pursued between the European Union and the United States. EU/US exchange of goods and services roughly amount to 1/3 of all global trade. The overall transatlantic investment relationship is valued at £2.5 trillion. A comprehensive free trade deal could boost transatlantic trade & investments by up to 50%. (Statistics by the European Commission)

Pathfinder recently launched its initiative to establish – concurrent to the TTIP negotiations – a London based channel for a triangular engagement between the United States, Europe and particularly the Gulf region. Combined transatlantic trade & investment with the GCC are valued at a total of £160bn annually (£1/2bn per day) and studies have shown that the conclusion of the TTIP would have a clear impact on the Gulf’s energy, financial and aviation sectors (amongst other). Whilst the Gulf remains our priority focus, Pathfinder also encourages joint EU/US trade & investment with the Deauville Partners and other countries in the MENA region.

Under the umbrella of the TTIP/MENA Business Initiative, Pathfinder is offering bespoke project consultancy, business briefings and sponsorship opportunities that foster trade and investment between the “Transatlantic” and MENA economies. We cater to both the private and public sectors, stakeholders who are committed to develop the potential of the EU/US free trade negotiations for the Arab world. Our focus is aimed on the establishment of the channel for triangular talks – formal and/or informal, to occur between business and government, and engage the Gulf states and Deauville countries alongside representatives from the EU, the US and other qualifying partners.

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